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Covid Update For NSW Employees

Last Updated: Friday 22nd October 2021

The majority of our Regal Recruitment employees are affected in some way by Covid and Vaccination Rules implemented by the NSW Government. 

Please read the below carefully and reach out to our office if you want further explanation or email

These rules are mandated by NSW Government and fines can be issued to people who do not comply so I urge you to follow these rules and ask for help if you do not understand. 


The rules change frequently so please check this page regularly and also keep our office updated of any changes to your contact details including Address, Email Address, Mobile Phone and Emergency Contacts.

Roadmap Settings

  • Since Monday 11th October 2021, the Stay-at-Home orders are removed and replaced with Roadmap Settings with Local Government Areas of Concern ceasing to exist (ref NSW on the road to reopening)

  • We're now operating under Roadmap settings for 80% vaccinated (Ref Reopening starts at 80% vaccination | NSW Government)

    • Employers allow staff to continue to work from home, if reasonably practicable.

    • Employers require staff who are not fully vaccinated to work from home, if reasonably practicable.


Travel for Work

  • Restrictions on travel within LGAs and 5km radius have been removed and travel permits no longer needed

  • Carpooling permitted (members of your household only for people who are not fully vaccinated).





  • Masks still required indoors but not required outdoors

  • Covid Safe Checkins and proof of vaccinations required


Documentation you may need when travelling to/from work and while working

  • Most businesses including our customers are now required to check people who enter have been vaccinated and deny entry to unvaccinated people

    • Evidence of vaccination of medical exemption (see below)

Evidence of your vaccination can include


Supporting Documents

Thank you again for everyone’s commitment and effort on this important initiative and please stay safe

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